Park Maintenance

A park in the City of SterlingThe City of Sterling maintains 7 parks in addition to the parks operated by the Sterling Park District. These are neighborhood parks located throughout the community with a total land area in excess of 15 acres.

The parks are open from dawn to dusk. Some of our parks host special scheduled events. Our most popular events are the weekly municipal band concerts held each Wednesday during the months of June, July, and August at the Grandon Center in Central Park. Each year, the municipal band draws thousands of listeners for a concert in the park.

Park Upgrades

Several years ago, the City began a multi-year project to upgrade all of our parks. We are installing new playground equipment, upgrading basketball courts, and putting in new curbs and sidewalks. Some parks are receiving parking lot upgrades as well.

Our plan calls for the addition of more benches and picnic tables to further encourage park use.

For More Information

For more information on parks within the City of Sterling and additional park activities, visit the Sterling Park District website.