Sewer Maintenance

Sewer Lines

In the case of a sewer line problem, Sterling's residents may contact the City of Sterling Public Works Department. Sterling's staff can check main sewer lines for any problems before you need to contact your plumber. However, residents are responsible for their own service lines leading from their home or building to the main sewer line. The Sterling Public Work crews:

  • Inspect lines
  • Clean lines
  • Rebuild catch basins
  • Maintain detention ponds and culverts

To help keep your sewers flowing, DO NOT put grease down your drains. Also, DO NOT flush wipes, not even the so-called flushable wipes down the toilet.  Communities across the country are finding more and more clogs due to these!

Storm Sewers & Drains

As a responsible citizen, please keep storm sewers working in good condition by not blowing grass or leaves into the streets. This act is subject to a fine. Clogged catch basins and storm sewers can contribute greatly towards flash flooding in heavy storms. 

DO NOT pour anything harmful down storm drains. These drains lead directly back to local creeks and the Rock River. Toxins from items poured into storm drains can have harmful effects on the river, fish, and the rest of the environment.

No dumping into storm drains