Street Sweeper VehicleReport Problems

To report potential roadway obstructions such as potholes, tree limbs, dead animals, or sewer back-ups, please contact the Public Works Department. For after-hour emergencies, please contact Sterling Police Department at 815-632-6640.

Maintenance Agreement

The City of Sterling holds a maintenance agreement with the State of Illinois for City streets. The City of Sterling is responsible for all routine road maintenance within the City, including state roads. There are no county roads or township roads in the City of Sterling.

The Public Works Department maintains all of the signs on City roads and traffic markings such as lane markings and crosswalks on City streets and parking lots. The State of Illinois maintains state signs located within the City.

Fun Facts

  • PW maintains 105 miles of road and 82.1 miles of sewers.
  • There are nearly 25 miles of alleys in the City.
  • PW recycles an estimated 70,000 lbs of e-waste a year.
  • Designated snow routes are marked with a snowflake on the sign

Street Sweeping

The City of Sterling sweeps city streets several times annually. The Public Works Department aims to sweep every City street 4 to 6 times throughout the year. Typically, these sweeps are scheduled for early spring, before the 4th of July, and during autumn when leaves tend to collect on streets.

The downtown Sterling Central Business District is usually swept once a week.

Sidewalk 50 / 50 Program

The City has established a sidewalk and curb replacement program to encourage residents to make repairs to deteriorated sidewalks and curbs adjacent to their property on a 50/50 cost-sharing basis, this program is also available to churches and businesses for a 70/30 cost-sharing. 

The program begins May 1st and is available until the budgeted funds are depleted.  Call to secure your place on the schedule.  


The City of Sterling spends about $1.3 million per year on road projects. City crews are usually responsible for installing curb and gutter as well as sidewalks on street projects, which saves on contracting costs. Most funds for street projects come from the Local Option Sales Tax.

Have you ever wondered what streets the City of Sterling Public Works Department has improved and when? To learn more, view a Map of Roads That Have Been Improved Since 1996 (PDF).