Building and Construction Permits

Before You Build

All building permits are issued through the Building & Zoning Department. Below is a list of license and permit applications (including Building and Sign permits).  Please call 815-632-6624 or stop by the office before beginning work to ensure a smooth process.

Permit Fees

  • Building Permits for new construction and additions are based on the type of construction, the use group of the building and the unit rate cost per square feet as provided by 2015 International Building Codes.
  • Remodeling Permits, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Permits are based on the actual cost of the work (view the Fee Schedule to learn more)
  • Occupancy Permits are $25 per residential unit and $50 for commercial and industrial structures
  • Curb Cut Permits are $50
  • Street Excavation Permits are $50
  • Residential Roofing Permits are $15
  • Residential Siding Permits are $15
  • Commercial Building Permits are based on the cost of the project

  1. Margie Guernsey

    Administrative Assistant

License and Permit Applications - 

Please email all applications to Margie Guernsey 

Building and Construction Documents

New Construction Checklist for Commercial and Industrial

New Construction Checklist for Residential

Plan Review Fee Schedule

Contractor Registration Information
To perform any work in Sterling, contractors must register, pay applicable fees and meet certain requirements. Call 815-632-6624 or stop by the office for details.

Application for Contractor Certificate of Registration