Grandon Civic Center 

D.W. Grandon donated the Grandon Band Shell to the City of Sterling in July of 1938.  Grandon and J.J. Richards decided that the City needed an up-to-date bandstand.  Grandon built his newspaper business at the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 5th Street, he felt that Sterling had been good to him and he stated "I feel that I would like to do something for the town before I die, what better thing can I do than give Sterling a center for art, culture, and music?"  As the Civic Center was built, he watched every detail ad was the speaker at the dedication ceremony.

Grandon is the home to the Sterling Municipal Band Concerts 

Grandon is available for rent please contact the City at 815-632-6630 for rental information.

Grandon Rental Agreement

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