What can I do if I do not want solicitors to come to my home?

Display a weatherproof card, approximately 3 inches by 4 inches in size, upon or near the main door to the residence, indicating the determination by the occupant, containing the applicable words: "Only Solicitors Registered in Sterling Invited" or "No Solicitors Invited". The letters shall be at least one-third inch in height. "No Solicitors Invited" stickers are available to the public at no charge at the Sterling Police Department and the City Clerk’s office.

Join the City of Sterling "Do Not Knock" registry. This works similar to a "Do Not Call" list and will prohibit solicitation at registered addresses. Download the Do Not Knock Registry Application (PDF) or visit the Police Department or the City Clerk’s office to obtain a physical copy. To learn more, visit the Solicitation "Do Not Knock" Registry page.

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